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• The Seaside •


According to some, the unique beauty of the Cinque Terre with its colourful villages is tinged with a small defect; its beaches. In fact there are just a few and it is not easy to find a suitable place to swim.
This, of course is not true of Monterosso. Here the beaches are beautiful, in fact in 2007 the periodical “Forbes” added these to it’s list of the 25 most sexy beaches in the world. The beaches are easily accessible especially if you arrive by train, in fact the Fegina beach is right across the street from the railway station, and spreads to the left and to the right. The esplanade begins at the “giant” of Punta Mesco, from the western part of Monterosso and offers a magnificent view of the sea as it collides with the several reefs and rocky cliffs. A perfect place to rest is in front of the Bar Eden, built on stilts in 1920. At the end of the promenade a tunnel will lead you to the older medieval hamlet, that is also reached by a trail higher above the cliffs. 
The second beach, just as lovely, is found on the other side of the promontory, closed in by the small port and the railway viaduct.
The esplanade terminates where the famous trail to Manarola begins. This is called the “Sentiero Azzurro” or Blue Trail. This will then become the “Via dell’Amore” or the “pathway of love” as it continues from Manarola towards Riomaggiore.
If you decide to walk on this trail be prepared for a memorable experience.

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