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23rd/24th of June - Festa in honour of Saint John the Baptist
Highly spectacular is the bonfire held the evening of the 23rd on the beach near to the historic center of the village. 
The 24th the festivities continue with a procession of the local religious fraternities and, especially memorable, is the liberation of lighted candles into the sea.

The Third Weekend of May – The Lemon Festival
The entire population of Monterosso is involved and every nook and corner is decorated with this beautiful and aromatic fruit. During the festa it is possible to visit a local lemon orchard.

The Third Weekend of June – The Festival of Anchovies
Monterosso, and all of the other villages are famous for the anchovies fished in the local ocean and for the way they are cooked and conserved. This festa is celebrated with gastronomic stands offering anchovies and all sorts of local produce. At night time the festa terminates with boat rides where one can admire the activities of torch-fishing.

Third Week of September – Festival of Conserved Anchovies
Monterosso is especially famous for it’s anchovies, that were, at one time exclusively preserved under sea salt. Throughout the village visitors are offered samples of this traditional fish while sipping the local white wine.

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